How to choose

How to choose


Types of Dried Fish Maw

Dried fish maws are differentiated by the type of fish it is made from. The 4 main categories of dried fish maw are:


Fish Maw King:"Fish Maw King" is a general term for large dried fish maw and it is the most expensive type. Fish Maw King is typically hard and thick but after being soaked in water, it becomes crispy and is commonly used to braise steak. Fish Maw King has both male and female, in which the best dried fish maws selling on the market are male Fish Maw Kings produced in India and Pakistan. This type mainly consists of the pollock and sturgeon fish, with a majority of them being the pollock. For this reason, the Fish Maw King category is also known as the pollock maw.


Grass Sea Bass Fish Maw:Grass Sea Bass Fish Maw is also known as the Fish Maw Tube because the shape of the body of these sea bass is similar to the shape of a wallet. They live in shallow water in Central America. Within this category, there is a grading scale that is determined by the size of the fish. After soaking this fish maw into water, it is particularly crispy and is best used in stewing soup.


Premium Fish Maw: Premium Fish Maw comes mainly from Central and South America's large yellow and white fish. Small amounts also come from the South East Asia and the Indian Ocean. Within the South East Asia, the Premium Fish Maw is also known as "long abdomen" since the shape of its body is long and narrow. It also has both male and female. Premium Fish Maw is generally thin and light, its skin is not as hard and thick as the Fish Maw King and after soaking it with water, it becomes smooth and soft. It is usually used to make more viscous soups and Chinese nourishing soups.


Eel Maw: The body of the Eel Maw is thin, round and of a tube shape. It is made from eels as the name suggests. After soaking the Eel Maw into water, it becomes smooth and crispy and is usually fried or braised. Because it is very common, the price is the lowest out of all the dried fish maws.

Different Gender of Fish Maw
Dried fish maws are also differentiated by their gender. They differ in price, texture and shape.

  Male Female

High, double or more of the female's

Lower price

Texture Crispy and bouncy, stronger mouth-feel, can absorb more water, won't easily melt under heat while cooking Soft, easy to melt while cooking
Shape Long body, long vertical stripes, wide in the center but narrow on the sides, shaped like a horse satchel Body is wide, horizontal stripes, the center and side of the body are of the same width and thickness

How to Choose Dried Fish Maw

Thickness: Thicker dried fish maws are generally preferred as they give a better mouth-feel.

Color: Natural dried fish maw should be in a bright golden color. However, if they are too bright, too white, or dark and grey, it could be because they have been bleached. It would be safer to buy ones that are more natural and yellow in color.

Odor: The ones with a fishy smell can easily turn bad, so it is advised to smell them before buying.